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II am a banjo player of ten years, originally falling in love with the instrument after many listens to the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music. I primarily play clawhammer and related old-time styles, though I've since branched out from Appalachian tunes to other folk traditions and playing styles. 

Since my late teens I've occasionally modified, repaired, or built instruments. In 2018 I started taking this seriously, setting up a workbench in my garage to build instruments I can be proud of. My first banjo was a fretless gourd-bodied instrument.

Since then I've been finessing my building style and building up confidence. In December 2020 I sold my first instrument, and now I spend as much time as I can building and repairing the instruments I love.

You can find me on facebook and instagram, and I occasionally sell instruments through etsy.

I'm also a musician and have a website documenting that work
here, and I organise the Betwixt & Between tape series to release music by myself and others.

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