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Restored zither banjo

This banjo was restored (slowly) between other jobs, throughout late 2021 and early 2022.

It's a zither banjo of unknown provenance, though several of the features would be consistent with it being a W. E. Temlett - though this can't be confirmed without a makers' mark, and it could easily be the product of one imitator or another. 

It's had a number of repairs made, chiefly to the headstock, along with a full re-finish, a new skin, tailpiece, and bridge. 

The strings are a mix of unwound steel and nylgut, as befits the 'zither' banjo style, and the skin is calfskin vellum. 

If you're interested in buying this banjo, please get in touch here.

I'm happy to arrange collection in person, or to courier - the shipping price and processing time will include sourcing appropriate materials to get it to you safely.

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