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Banjo #8 complete

Banjo #8 is finished and ready for collection. The skin and strings are on and settled in, and I've been test-playing it a little - though in a slightly hampered manner, as like banjo #7, this one is also left-handed. Where #7 was a left-handed version of my own slimline mountain banjo design this one is a more traditional Proffitt style mountain banjo, where the front plate is the removable section rather than the back.

The front and back plates are oak - and reasonably chunky pieces! The extra depth to the pot gives it a slightly deeper resonance.

The neck is cherry, with a walnut fingerboard - and of course, the strings on 'backwards' for left-handed playing.

There's a beautiful slightly wavy grain to the head, which I love.

Happy to have this one done and on its way to its commissioner! Full specifications and more photos are up in the gallery.

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