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Batch of three shruti box pedals

Just before Christmas I started work on this batch of three shruti box pedals - they've been finished for a little while, but are now (almost) all with their respective owners. I've used a home-made pedal to operate a shruti box as drone accompaniment for my banjo playing since about 2016, but the bodged-together rough model that I'd been using for the past five years had finally given up the ghost!

The final impetus to updating the design for myself was receiving a couple of enquiries about building them for others. So the new one is sturdier, lighter, and easier to set up and pack down.

These are all made of oak, with oak fixings to attach to the shruti boxes.

It makes sense to batch-build them, so whenever new commissions come in I'll probably make one or two additional pedals to sell. There's more photos and information available in the gallery - and if you're interested in ordering one, please get in touch here.

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