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Repairs and restoration

I am happy to take on repair work on old or new banjos including setup, re-fretting, or repairing scratches, breaks, and other damage.


The cost of this work will always need to be agreed after I've had a chance to look at the instrument - I won't charge anything for helping to diagnose the problem. Once we've agreed the work to be done I'll suggest a price. 

The below prices are therefore intended as a rough guide and do not include the cost of any parts, which will need to be paid for separately: 

General set up - £60, including any of the following:

  • Setting skin tension

  • Adjusting coordinator rods / dowel stick​ fixings
  • Adjusting tuners 

  • Replacing strings

  • Re-oiling fingerboard

  • Cleaning pot and neck

Skin replacement

  • Synthetic - £40 

  • Vellum - £60

Tuner replacement

  • Replacing one or more tuners in the same style as previous -  £30

  • Replacing one or more tuners with a different style to previous - £80 

Nut and bridge work

  • Replacing bridge - £30

  • Replacing nut - £60

Installing fifth string capo

  • Installing railroad spikes - £30

  • Installing a sliding capo - £60

Installing pickups

  • Non-invasive work - £50

  • Invasive work - £150

Fret work

  • Fret dress - £80

  • Re-fret - £120

Cosmetic repairs

  • By agreement - starting at £80

Structural repairs

  • By agreement - starting at £150

Please get in touch here if you have a banjo you'd like me to take a look at.

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