Shruti box pedals

These shruti box pedals were built to order in December 2021 - I'd received a few enquiries about the foot-operated shruti box that I use when playing banjo so decided to make some duplicates available. 

The pedal and fixings are all oak, with bike brake cable and cable housing to operate the shruti bellows. The pedal detaches from the box and folds down for ease of transport.

As I build to order, the fixings for the shruti box can be amended to suit any style or size of box. If your box is unstable when free-standing I can also supply feet for use with the pedal. 


I'm happy to take receipt of the shruti to attach the necessary fixings, or to deliver the pedal and fixings with instructions on how to position and attach them. 


If you're interested in making an order, please get in touch here